What is related coursework on a resume

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If there are a lot of special web resources with options for samples, recommendations online and offline, the problem of how to properly prepare a resume can be solved within a few minutes. But due to such simplicity, a new one arises the summary is too standard and can be lost among hundreds of the same. And the main task of the applicant is to attract the attention of the employer, to make his resume noticed among competitors. And how to stand out, if all the presentations are made, like a carbon copy? Of course, there are certain requirements for writing a resume, but if you set yourself a goal to take a job in a particular company, you need to develop your own handwriting not in the sense of calligraphy, but in the sense of creating a resume. The one who will read it will definitely notice the difference. 

As an example, consider the item that is most interesting for any employer: achievements and personal qualities. Look at any resume, what is written there? Most of our experienced compatriots with higher education do not know how to write a resume correctly, so they use gray standard phrases for which they cannot be seen as employees. 
They write this: “Carried out the task of increasing sales.” And you need this: “For 6 months, he increased the level of sales by 25%.” Many candidates make these sections vaguely, do not allow an employer to cling to a figure or fact. It’s not only boring, but also incomprehensible to read a whole stream of resumes with the same characteristics of applicants (diligent, stress-resistant, sociable, creative everyone writes that way). The employer simply does not know by what parameters he should single out one of the slim series of similar applicants, and at the same time not miscalculate. 
A few tips on writing the perfect resume  Appearance. This rule concerns, first of all, resumes that are sent through the post office: choose heavy white paper, print text in black ink, copy it on a laser printer. It is possible that your resume will be copied and sent several times; make sure that its content is clearly visible. 

The document size should not exceed 1-2 printed A4 sheets. If it seems to you that you cannot fit all information about yourself on two pages, then half of it does not represent any value or importance for a potential employer. Learn to separate the main from the minor. 
It is advisable to write only the truth in a resume, although some applicants prefer to exaggerate their merits as a specialist and diminish shortcomings. This is some risk, especially cautious need to be exaggerated: if the employer asks you to do something indicated in the resume, and you can not, you are unlikely to be hired. Create a competitive resume. This council is especially relevant for residents of million cities, where several hundred candidates apply for one job. Show yourself in the best light, stand out from the crowd. But the summary must be truthful (see paragraph above). 
When writing a resume, follow a certain style: for a serious holding, use a business one, for an interview for a position related to creativity, and choose the appropriate style.