Explain how employment is related to your coursework examples

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The summary in Poland is called Curriculum Vitae (CV). The first thing any employer pays attention to is the appearance of the document. Even valuable information ceases to have weight, if presented inaccurately. “They meet on clothes, they see off in mind” is relevant in any part of the world, and Poland is no exception. Therefore, pay due attention to the design of the text.  Underline, bold, separate paragraphs, make lists correctly. Do not attach photocopies unless required. But the placement of photos in the Polish resume (CV), on the contrary is welcome. And in some cases necessarily. No busy person has any business to list your personal information. The employer is only interested in what really matters to him. List your skills, achievements, personal qualities applicable in the field of the work where you plan to get.  Full personal details: Fill in the full name, surname and patronymic; full address: city and street name, house, apartment number, zip code; Date of birth; phone; Email.

Complete data on previously obtained formations: How many classes have graduated, address, years of study; secondary special institutions, institute, technical school, academy; indicate similarly unfinished institutions. All the same data as in the finished. Write about such important aspects as: knowledge of accounting; ability to work with a computer, specify the programs in which you understand; programming languages; foreign languages; knowledge of office equipment: printer and scanner.  Do not forget to write about additional education, if any (courses). This is always welcome. Usually, the presence of several entities, whether higher education or courses in addition to those already received earlier, indicate purposefulness. The next required aspect is work. State, in detail, but essentially and without further ado: All places of your work, starting, of course, with the latter; areas of activity; what skills have been acquired; what duties you had. Write not only about your work, but also about your significant achievements, for example: “Working 6 months as an office manager, I was promoted to head of the department.” And describe what contributed to career growth, or other achievements.

Some employers may ask for a letter of recommendation from your former job. To do this, you will have to apply either directly to the authorities or tothe personnel department of the former job If you have a driver’s license, write about it, indicating the category. In the very last paragraph you need to write about consent to the processing of personal data. In Poland, this is a must (in the absence of this clause, they may simply not accept the summary). It looks like this: Finished resume in Polish should not have stylistic, punctuation and grammatical errors; CV should not have unnecessarily highlighted or underlined places, highlight only very important points. Let them not be many, do not attach copies of diplomas and other documents that are not relevant to your future position, the resume should be the original, not a photocopy. All information must be complete: addresses, names, etc. nothing to reduce. The text should not be continuous. It is necessary to structure it, divided into paragraphs and thematic items. You should not paint a summary of several pages. The best option would be one, or a maximum of two pages. Therefore,the material should be as concise as possible and without any prefaces.